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About Us

We Use Technology to Connect Employers with Jobseekers, without The Need of Any Agency or Middleman.

We Are Talent Search Platform

Trust & Know provides hyperlocal opportunities, which means local, better Workers for employers and job seekers with “Mobility By Choice Rather Than Migration By Force”.

Trust & Know is not just a database, but a technology platform for hiring professional or non-professional workers near you, using automated processes with human assistance when needed. We use technology extensively to ensure that candidates who match Your requirements are available and looking forward to a job like yours.

We Build Organizations & Careers

We would also like to make an earnest request:
If you know any one looking for a job, register them Here. Two minutes of your time may get them better livelihood, without physical or financial exploitation.


Management Pillars

A strong team with years of experience

Tushar Kabiraj


We started in July 2018, with one simple objective: Helping job seekers to get better job opportunities with dignity: without the need for any agency or middlemen.”