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Trust & Know is not just a database, but a technology platform for hiring professional or non-professional workers near you, using automated processes with human assistance when needed. We use technology extensively to ensure that candidates who match Your requirements are available and looking forward to a job like yours. 

We Believe 

 Every Individual Has Opportunities for Employment!


We aspire to provide an unmatched combination of solutions that can assist them in making the right kind of choices.


we give opportunity for capabilities to grow and to emerge as responsible professionals. We value standard, experience, commitment, and sincerity which can become an asset to a company.

Sustainable Society

 we are in a continuous process of changing our methods and technology to keep pace with the changing employment scenario.

We Are Talent Search Platform

Trust & Know provides hyperlocal opportunities, which means local, better Workers for employers and job seekers with “Mobility By Choice Rather Than Migration By Force”.